Bioinspired Underwater Robotics Workshop

Bioinspired Underwater Robotics Workshop

The research in the field of underwater robots is triggered by highly demanding applications such as exploration, inspection, maintenance and repairing in submerged areas in which interventions are essential but extremely complex, dangerous or expensive for humans. Sea or extreme underwater environments can actually be compared to a near planet, where operation is prevented by hazardous or impractical environmental conditions and by range and communication limitations.

The workshop aims at introducing the needs involved in real-world scenarios, at presenting a broad range of methodologies and results based on bioinspired approaches and at providing a well substantiated vision on future strategic research lines in this field. Target audience include researchers from different disciplines, representatives of R&D departments from high-tech industry, research policy makers.

Topics of Interest

  • Underwater robotics
  • Subsea intervention
  • Bioinspired robotics
  • Soft robotics
  • Neuro-inspired control
  • Swarm robotics
  • Energy efficiency
  • Underwater communication
  • Underwater sensing
  • Fluid-structure dynamics

Date: October 2, 2015

Location: Hamburg, Germany 

 *This workshop is supported by the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Marine Robotics and by the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Bio Robotics