College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

One of the main pillars of Abu Dhabi’s social, political and economic future is a sustainable knowledge-based economy, as outlined in the Emirate’s 2030 vision.

The overarching purpose of the College of Arts and Science at Khalifa University is to work towards this vision by advancing the discovery of new knowledge, its dissemination and exploitation.  

The College aims to expand its academic programs in coming years to become the pre-eminent college of Arts and science in the country, developing its own distinctive areas of focus while maintaining close alignment with growing regional industries in key themes such as materials science, energy, environment, nanoscience, biotechnology and information technology.

The College of Arts and Science is a vibrant community of academic scholars, students and staff who are dedicated to science education and innovation for the ultimate benefit of society. The College empowers students with a great sense of purposeful academic curiosity and appreciation of the social and environmental context within a rapidly changing world.

Developing faculty

Applied Mathematics and Sciences

Mathematical biology, epidemiology, modal logic, computational physics, and homogenization.

Supporting students

Humanities and Social Sciences

Islamic Studies, regional cultural studies, business studies and science, and technology and society

Systems and Processes

Materials science

Applications of materials in construction and manufacturing

Learning Environments


The study of nanoscience and nanotechnology and their applications in modern science and engineering

Scholarship and Research

Environmental toxicology

The study of the harmful effects of various chemical, biological and physical agents on living organisms

Scholarship and Research

Institute of International and Civil Security

IICS is a leading UAE research center focused on security studies and offers a master's program


Prof. David Sheehan

Dean and Professor of Biochemistry, College of Science

+971 (0) 2 5018563

Dr.Mirella Elkadi

Interim Chair of Chemistry

+971 (0) 2 6075621 & +971 (0) 2 5018458

Dr.Issam Qattan

Interim Chair of Physics

+971 (0)2 5018309

Dr.Abdel Isakovic

Interim Associate Dean for Research
+971 (0)2 4018128

Dr.Muna A. Balfaqeeh

Interim Chair - Department of English

+971 (0)2  6075024

Dr. Caroline Anne Brandt

Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

+971 (0)2 6075388

Dr.J. Barry Lin

Interim Chair of Humanities& Social Sciences & SS

+971 (0)2 5018491

Dr. Andrea Ceriani

Interim Chair - GeoSciences
+971 (0)2  607 5747

Dr.Panos Liatsis

Interim Chair Computer Science
+971 (0)2 6075376 

Dr.Robert Bennell

Interim Associate Dean of for Undergraduate Studies
+971 (0)2 5018172

Dr.Mohd Halim Shariff

Interim Chair of Mathematics
+971 (0)2 5018333

Mr.Jim Boyce

Interim Director - Preparatory

+971 (0)2 5018213

Academic Coordinator

Iona Gomes

Academic Coordinator
+971 (0)2 5018497

Mr Ruben Calma

Senior Administration Assistant

+971 (0)2 6075830

Ms Hanan Al Hamed

Senior Administration Assistant
+971 (0)2 6075015

Ms Amal Al Shehi

Senior Administration Assistant

+971 (0)2 6075569

Ms Asmaa Abdulla Al Beshr

Business Administration Officer

+971 (0)2 501 8572

For information about the Khalifa University College of Science, please email or call:

Telephone: +971 (02) 401 8000

Fax: +971 (02) 447 2442

The College of Arts and Science is actively interesting in recruiting the best scientists in the world to work in the stimulating academic environment of our Abu Dhabi campus. We are interested in highly-qualified and excellent academics at every stage of their career. If you think your research or career goals would be of interest to us, please contact  with your updated curriculum vitae and a short cover letter. 

Future vacancies will be posted on our careers portal which can be accessed from the button below: