Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is part of the College of Science and runs an interdisciplinary, diverse but closely related set of courses that underpin and provide analytical context to technologically oriented degree programs across the University.

This includes courses in:

Islamic Studies Regional Cultural Studies
Arabic English
Communication Business Studies and Science
Technology and Society  

Science, engineering and medicine are vital drivers of human progress, yet without the humanities and social sciences we can never find responses to the pressing issues that trouble the world or understand the philosophical, conceptual and ethical dimensions of technological change. The knowledge which the humanities and social sciences add are the high-level analysis and insights essential to social and cultural well being, to a rounded knowledge-driven economy, and ultimately to the UAE’s contribution, place and reputation in the world.

The Department’s courses — which emphasize the development of communication and critical thinking skills — provide engineering and other technology focused students with the right tools and vocabulary to gain intelligent and relevant access to the ongoing conversations of human existence.

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences does not offer any undergraduate degree programs at present, but runs courses that support degree programs across the University. The general areas and courses offered are listed below: 

English language courses 

ENGL 111 English Communication I 4 cr.
ENGL 112 English Communication II 4 cr.
ENGL 220 Technical Writing and Communication 3 cr.

Business courses

BUSS 201 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance 3 cr.
BUSS 301 Inside Organizations 3 cr.
BUSS 395 Special Topics in Business Studies 3 cr.

Humanities and Social Sciences Courses

HUMA 101 Arabic Language 3 cr.
HUMA 102 Islamic Culture 3 cr.
HUMA 105 Emirates Society 3 cr.
HUMA 106 Gulf Region Economic and Social Outlook 3 cr.
HUMA 110 Middle East Studies 3 cr.
HUMA 111 Islamic History 3 cr.
HUMA 112 Sciences in Islam 3 cr.
HUMA 130 Introduction to Linguistics 3 cr.
HUMA 140 Introduction to Psychology 3 cr.
HUMA 141 Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
HUMA 142 Introduction to Science and Technology Studies 3 cr.
HUMA 210  Introduction to Islamic Law 3 cr.
HUMA 211 Islam and Modernity 3 cr.
HUMA 212 History of Modern Science 3 cr.
HUMA 295 Special topics in Humanities  3 cr.
HUMA 220 Public Speaking 3 cr.
HUMA 311 Engineering Communication 3 cr.
ECON 120 Engineering Economics  3 cr.

Master of Arts in International and Civil Security

The department offers the graduate degree of Master of Arts in International and Civil Security*.  Please go to Master of Arts in International and Civil Security for program information.

*Program offered to UAE nationals only

Academic Faculty

Labeeb Bsoul

Associate Professor (HSS)

Hakim Ajhar

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Gina Marie Poncini

Associate Professor (HSS)

Matthew Webb

  Associate Professor (HSS)

Albert Wijeweera 

Associate Professor (HSS)

Mark Hayman

  Assistant Professor (HSS)

Amani Abdullatif Omer

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Dimitrios Reppas

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Elrashid Yousif Mohd Abbas

  Assistant Professor (HSS)

Mustapha Tajdin

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Maha Fawzi Said Habib

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Kristina Carey Marcellus

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Robert Maria Pech

  Associate Professor (HSS)

Ricardo H. Archbold

  Assistant Professor (HSS)

Athol Yates

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Ash Rossiter

Assistant Professor (HSS)

Brendon Cannon

  Assistant Professor (HSS)

J. Barry Lin

Interim Chair of Humanities & SS



Abdulla Al Busaeedi

Lecturer (HSS)


Valentine Moran

Senior Lecturer  


Dr. Katherine Leila Hall

Senior Lecturer (English)


Liza Deborah Lindley Owen

Senior Lecturer (English)


Faculty members of the Humanities and Social Sciences department are engaged in a diverse range of disciplines that include Business and Finance, Education, Regional Cultural Studies, Languages and Literature, and Sociology.

The research contributes to the advancement of knowledge and practices of both the UAE and the wider academic community. View the specific faculty research interests and recent publications in the following areas:

Business and Finance Regional Cultural Studies / Social Sciences
Education Languages and Literature