Dr. Emad Alhseinat

Dr. Emad Alhseinat

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Address: P.O.Box 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone: +971-(0)2-4018155

Fax: +971-(0)2-4472442


Dr. Alhseinat is currently an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Khalifa University. Prior to join Khalifa University, Dr. Alhseinat completed his PhD from the University of Edinburgh (ranked 17th in the world by the 2013 QS rankings). Then he worked in Abu Dhabi Petroleum Institute as Research and Teaching Associate; where he was heavily involved in research activity, writing and preparing scientific proposals and presentations, and publishing scientific articles.

His current research activities address the development of novel separation processes compatible with renewable energy i.e. Magnetic nanoparticles, Electrical and Magnetic separation technologies, Foaming predication and monitoring, thermodynamics modelling and thermophysical properties characterization, Desalination and Water treatment, and Fouling science. The research experience (experimental and modelling) that he has gained during his previous work can be applied in multidisciplinary areas i.e. Oil and Gas produced Water treatment, Foam EoR, smart flooding, bitumen recovery, surface science, gas sweetening and carbon dioxide capture.

  • PhD, Chemical and Process Engineering Department, University of Edinburgh, April 2013 

  • M.Sc. in the Chemical Engineering, Jordan University of Science & Technology, January 2009 

  • B.Sc in Chemical Engineering, Jordan University of Science & Technology, January 2006

  • Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Separation Processes
  • Mass and Heat Transfer
  • Desalination and Water Treatment
  • Petroleum Refinery Engineering
  • Natural Gas Sweetening
  • Foaming Science
  • Fouling in thermal and membrane processes
  • Novel Separation Processes i.e. Magnetic Nanoparticles applications, Electrical and magnetic separation technologies.

  • Gas Sweetening and CO2 Capture
  • Thermodynamics modelling
  • Foaming science and application i.e. Foaming prediction and EoR
  • Fouling Prediction and Mitigation



  • GAS FOAMING MONITORING DEVICE, F Banat; E Alhseinat; M Keewan, WO Patent PCT/IB2016/051,639
  • A Method and a Process for Heat Stable Salts (HSS) Removal from Amine Solvents, F Banat; E Alhseinat; P Pal; A Achazhiyath, WO Patent PCT/IB2016/055,945

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • R. Danon, E. Alhseinat, C. Peters, F. Banat, Solubility of heptane in aqueous solutions of methyldiethanolamine (MDEA), Fluid Phase Equilibria (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.fluid.2016.01.040. (Corresponding Author)
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  • Emad Alhseinat, Rana Danon, Cornelis Peters, and Fawzi Banat, Solubility of Hexane in Aqueous Solutions of Methyldiethanolamine, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, accepted article, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jced.5b00240. (Corresponding Author)
  • Maria T. Mota-Martinez, Sabbir Samdani, Abdallah S. Berrouk, Marisa A.A. Rocha, Emad Y. Alhseinat, Fawzi Banat, Maaike C. Kroon, Cor J. Peters, Design and test of a new high pressure phase equilibrium apparatus for highly corrosive mixtures of importance for natural gas, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 8 September 2015.
  • Emad Alhseinat, Mahmoud Amr, Rami Jumah, and Fawzi Banat, Removal of MDEA foam creators using foam fractionation: Parametric study coupled with foam characterization, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 26 (2015). (Corresponding Author).
  • Alhseinat, E., et al., Effect of MDEA degradation products on foaming behaviour and physical properties of aqueous MDEA solutions, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 37, June 2015, Pages 280–286. (Corresponding Author)
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  • Alhseinat, E., et al., Foaming study combined with physical characterization of aqueous MDEA gas sweetening solutions, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 17 (2014) 49-57.
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  • Emad Alhseinat and Roya Sheikholeslami, "An Application for New Reliable Approach to Predict the Onset of Barite, Celestite and Gypsum Scaling during Reverse Osmosis Treatment for Produced Water ," International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, vol. 2, no. 6, pp. 454-459, 2011
  • Awni Al-Otoom, Mamdouh Allawzi, Naser Al-Omari, Emad Al-Hsienat. Bitumen recovery from Jordanian oil sand by froth flotation using petroleum cycles oil cuts. Energy 35 (2010) 4217-4225.

Book Chapters

  • P. Pal, E. Alhseinat, and F. Banat, Deterioration of Solvent Quality and Foaming Studies in Natural Gas Sweetening Unit. In 'Energy Science and Technology', Studium Press LLC, USA, Vol. 3 (2014).

Articles in Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Rana Danon, Emad Alhseinat, Cornelis Peters and Fawzi Banat, Solubility of Liquid Hydrocarbon in Aqueous Solutions of Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA), the 2nd International Conference on Chemical and Environmental Sciences (ICCES-2015), 24-26 May 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Emad Alhseinat, Cornelis Peters, Fawzi Banat " A New Theoretical Thermodynamic Model for the Solubility of Acid Gases in Aqueous Solution of N-Methylidethanolamine” The 10th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, July 14-16, 2014 Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • Emad Alhseinat, Roya Sheikholeslami, Donald Glass " Effect of scaling salts co-existence and Process Pressure on scaling propensity prediction during full scale reverse osmosis treatment” 11th World Filtration Congress & Exhibition April 16-20, 2012 Graz-Austria
  • Emad Alhseinat and Roya Sheikholeslami, "A Reliable Approach for Barite, Celestite and Gypsum Scaling Propensity during Reverse Osmosis Treatment for Produced Water” International Conference on Oil Gas and Environment (ICOG 2011), Egypt, 21-22 October.

Invited Seminars & Conference Presentations / Posters

  • Ahmad Abukaashabeh, Emad Alhseinat, Sameer Al-Asheh, Fawzi Banat and Vikas Mittal Thermophysical Properties of Fresh and Lean Thermally Degraded N-Methyldiethanolamine, 14 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA.
  • Emad Alhseinat, Priyabrata Pal, Mohammed Keewan, Fawzi Banat, Foaming Study Combined with Physical Characterization of Aqueous MDEA Gas Sweetening Solutions, 2014 ADRAC, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • E.Alhseinat, R.Sheikholeslami. Scaling Propensity Prediction of Mixed Salt Precipitation with and without Presence of Dissolved Organic During Full Scale Reverse Osmosis Treatment for Produced Water. 12th IWA UK Young Water Professionals Conference 13-14 April 2011 Edinburgh, UK.
  • E.Alhseinat, R.Sheikholeslami. Characterization of Fouling Propensity and Process development for Produced Water. SET for BRITAIN Engineering Exhibition 14th March 2011 London, UK.
  • Emad Alhseinat, Dimitri Bacco, Marco Fogagnolo, Maurizio Remelli. Complex-Formation Equilibria between Fe (III) and Phocaecholic Hydroxamic Acid in Hydreo-Alcoholic Solution. 9th SAYCS 12th to 14th October 2009, Pesaro, Italy.