Environment, Health and Safety for Contractors

Environment, Health and Safety for Contractors

This procedure is designed to give contractors information on Khalifa University’s Contractor Management System and provide specific rules when working on campus.

It aims to provide practical and relevant guidance for University staff overseeing the work of contractors. It also provides a number of tools and checklists to assist KU staff in ensuring contractors are meeting their EHS requirements. By reading and understanding this procedure, everyone working within University sites will be able to play their role in maintaining a safe workplace. The key purpose of this guide is to advise:

  • EHS obligations under the Decree 42 of 2009 and Other EHS Laws and Regulations;
  • Identification, assessment and control of hazards relevant to the Khalifa University; and
  • Any relevant operational issues in the management of contractors. 

Excluded from the scope of this guideline are:

  • Any non EHS related contract matters 

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