Admissions - Fees

Tuition Fees at Khalifa University

Most UAE national students are eligible for 100% tuition fees coverage. Scholarships are also available to non-UAE nationals who qualify. However, for those students not eligible for a tuition stipend or scholarship, Khalifa University tuition fees are listed below:

Student Level  Fees 
 Preparatory and Undergraduate  AED 3,333 per credit hour 
 Masters   AED 5,000 per credit hour 
 Doctoral  AED 6,666 per credit hour 

* The University reserves the right to change the above tuition fees. For students admitted in the 2012-13 year, increases in tuition fees will be limited to a maximum of 5% per academic year.

** Additional fees may be charged for non-academic costs such as accommodation, meals, transportation, personal computer repairs, etc.