Khalifa University Faculty Publish Paper in Advanced Materials

Published:17th of July, 2012

Two members of Khalifa University’s (KU) faculty recently published an article in th...

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Khalifa University Wraps Up Their Summer School for Grade 9 to 12 Students.

Published:16th of July, 2012

Activities included lectures given by Khalifa University faculty members, as well as, info...

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Khalifa University Students Head to France for Prestigious Internships

Published:11th of July, 2012

Khalifa University announced today that 10 of its students have accepted prestigious inter...

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Khalifa University Students Travel Far and Wide

Published:9th of July, 2012

Khalifa University students have participated in over ten field trips and internships in t...

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Khalifa University appoints Provost Dr. Jay Noren

Published:8th of July, 2012

Khalifa University announced today the appointment of Dr. Jay Noren as the institutio...

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Khalifa University Student builds App for iTunes

Published:4th of July, 2012

Buti Al Delail, a current student at Khalifa University, recently developed an application...

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