Emirates ICT Innovation Center at Khalifa University Wins Award for Software Governance Tool

Emirates ICT Innovation Center at Khalifa University Wins Award for Software Governance Tool

Published: 4th of July, 2017

Two researchers from the Emirates ICT Innovation Center (EBTIC) have won the GTB Innovation Award for Software and Applications Innovations, for their tool to streamline the software development process.

The researchers, Salwa Alzahmi and Sid Shakya, submitted their project in partnership with BT (British Telecomm), and presented the project at the Annual Global Telecom Business Summit and Awards (GTB 2017), held in London last month.

“Winning such an award helps position EBTIC as an innovation driven organization and highlight our researchers’ achievements on the international stage. It will also enhance the reputation of the region as a leading innovation hub, promoting research and development in novel technologies effecting some of the most dynamic industries of our generation, such as telecommunications,” said Dr. Nawaf Almoosa, Deputy Director of EBTIC.

EBTIC is an information communications and technology (ICT) research and innovation center established by Etisalat, British Telecommunications (BT), and the Khalifa University of Science and Technology, with the support of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s ICT Fund.

The team developed a Software Product Line (SPL) tool, which is a novel and agile solution that provides an in-house software governance platform and is able to auto-comprehend and evaluate the quality of existing software systems. The tool employs robust machine learning techniques and SPL technology to streamline the software development process within the organizations that depend heavily on software to provide their services.

The tool has been successfully trialed at BT to manage its enterprise workforce planning system, and is an excellent example of a successful partnership between the two organizations, producing an innovative solution to support software and application development.

The long-term plan for the EBTIC SPL tool is to support other software development disciplines, such as to plan development based on the expected number of reusable software modules, and to analyze the impact of implementing a particular change to current systems.

Additionally, the tool has the potential to provide a calculation of the cost of software development, testing and customization, improving budgeting and cost management. As EBTIC’s SPL is a self-documenting tool, the development teams will have better control over the systems as they evolve.

The GTB awards recognize the ICT industry’s most innovative and successful project partnerships between the operators and vendors and showcases the best projects featuring the latest industry innovations. The awards are given to the most innovative projects and initiatives undertaken by companies in the telecommunications industry.


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