Khalifa University Alum Inspires Future Generation of Leaders

Khalifa University Alum Inspires Future Generation of Leaders

Published: 7th of July, 2014

Alum, Ebrahim Al Alkeem, spoke to students about what it means to be a “Creative Engineer”

Khalifa University Alum, Ebrahim Al Alkeem, spoke to current students as part of the University’s “Alumni Speakers Series,” which offers the undergraduate student body an opportunity to benefit from Khalifa University alumni’s rich experiences. The speeches/presentations will cover areas such as technology, management, leadership and other topics.

Alkeem, who is currently a Governance Expert for Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre, and who graduated from Khalifa University with a BSc in Communications Engineering, an MSc in Information Security, and is currently working on his PhD in Information Security, spoke to students about being a “Creative Engineer.”

Says Alkeem, “While engineering certainly teaches us to be innovators, what it doesn’t always do is teach us to be leaders, and for people with a scientific mindset, thinking like a “leader” isn’t always an easy step. It requires the ability to identify new problems, rather than depending on others to define them. The ability to transfer knowledge gained in one context to another in order to solve a problem and a belief in learning as an incremental process, in which repeated attempts will eventually lead to success. It’s the capacity to focus attention on the pursuit of a goal, or set of goals.”Alum, Ebrahim Al Alkeem, spoke to students about what it means to be a Creative Engineer

“Khalifa University is focused on providing our students with a strong “all round” education,” said Dr. Arif Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President of the Khalifa University. “We also believe in creating an environment that draws our alumni back to us, so that they can share their experiences with future students. This places our alumni as role models for our current students and inspires creativity and innovation in their studies and their work in the future”.

Ebrahim Al Alkeem with Omar Odeh, Vice President of External Relations“It was wonderful getting the opportunity to talk to the students,” says Alkeem. “I very much enjoyed my time at KU, and it’s great to give back. From day one, Khalifa University was keen on developing and tuning many essential skills, and you can see that amongst those who have already graduated and are employed. The skills taught to us, such as, report writing, working under pressure and project management. All these skills made it easier for us when we joined the workforce. It’s great that I can come back here and tell current students how much it helped me.”