Recent Graduates Complete Work Readiness Program

Recent Graduates Complete Work Readiness Program

Published: 26th of June, 2014

Program taught recent graduates interview skills, leadership and communication techniques

Recent Khalifa University graduates have completed the second session of a special program designed to teach them useful work skills, such as, time management, oral and written communications skills and team dynamics. The course, which was offered through INJAZ UAE, a member of Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, took place over four sessions at the University’s Abu Dhabi campus.

The program was delivered with the support of trained corporate volunteers, one of whom was a Khalifa University alum, and gave the recent graduates an opportunity to interact with real-life mentors and professionals while learning work skills that could be applied to their present or future employment opportunities.

Injaz at Khalifa University

Alumni speaker Abudullah Al Qassab said, “I urge all Khalifa University alumni to give back and participate (in these events). Most of them have achieved high positions, not only career wise but in their social life and artistic life. Some of them are artists, some of them are professional Olympic athletes. They can inspire the new generations in many fields, they don’t all have to be an engineer, a programmer or a researcher, and they can be more than one thing, because we have more than one side to our personalities. Explore all those sides. They will only know this if you, the alumni, show them who you are and all that you have done, that will be a true inspiration. You have only graduated a few years before them. You are showing them that during that short time, they can be as awesome as you are or even more. Only if you come back, and show them who you are."

Recent graduate, Lama Mahmoud said “The sessions offered a great set of information about self-confidence, ethics and how to answer tough interview questions. (The speaker) pushed us to plan well and have a clear mind with respect to our future plans, he also gave us real life examples and situations which made us able to link and justify the importance of his advice. He highlighted the importance of being honest, ethical and professional and directed us to well written resumes and cover letters and encouraged us to modify our résumés accordingly.”

The course aimed to teach young alumni how to develop innovative personal strategies in order to achieve lifelong learning pursuits and career opportunities, as well as, identify and demonstrate work readiness skills needed to research, get, and keep a job. This was done by teaching a number of subjects including: emotional intelligence, leadership, time management, oral and written communication, problem solving, team dynamics and coping with conflicts.

“I believe that that the alumni events is a step that shows that education for a better future goes beyond what is just in class. This step will give Khalifa University students a stronger advantage in the work field and it will give us a chance to develop further. This course definitely shed light on many aspects we might unintentionally miss.” Said recent graduate, Rawdha Al Marrar.