Register ORCiD

ORCiD @ Khalifa University

Khalifa University uses ORCiD to identify publications of faculty and researchers.

Faculty and researchers are requested to grant permission to Khalifa University to

  • Harvest information from your ORCiD records
  • Add Khalifa University affiliation to your ORCiD records
  • Add publications from the Khalifa University repository to your ORCiD records

Here you can connect your existing ORCiD iD to Khalifa University. Please create an ID if you do not have one already.  Before connecting please ensure that your profile is completed with your Education, Employment, funding and works (publications) details. For more information, visit the Library guide on ORCID. There you can learn about ORCiD and how to add your research output to your ORCiD account.

Create or Connect your ORCiD

For technical help please contact: Shaju Badarudeen @ 8059 or Nikesh Narayanan @ 8546.