Research Centers and Institutes

Research Centers and Institutes

Khalifa University of Science and Technology is home to the UAE’s leading research institutes and centers, where challenges of relevance to the region and world are addressed in a systematic and targeted manner by innovative researchers working together in world-class facilities. These clusters will create the foundation for Khalifa University of Science and Technology to become a global leader in use-inspired research.

  Khalifa University of Science and Technology Research Centers have the following characteristics:

  • Large‐scale research units established to address strategic university research priorities in the course of a three to 10 year lifecycle
  • Theme- or mission-oriented to address medium-term strategic priorities
  • May be sponsored by industry and/or government partners to address their priorities for a defined period of time

 Khalifa University of Science and Technology Research Institutes have the following characteristics:

  • Semi‐permanent research and academic units that have 15 to 20 year life‐cycles and house a critical mass of faculty
  • Focused on long-term strategic priorities
  • Led by prominent scholars primarily appointed as faculty members


Research and Development Centers  
Aerospace Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) UAE Advanced Network for Research and Education (Ankabut)
Etisalat-British Telecom Innovation Center (EBTIC) Khalifa Semiconductor Research Center (KSRC)
Research Institutes
Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute (GENII) Institute of International and Civil Security (IICS)
Khalifa University Robotics Institute (KURI) Nuclear Engineering Research Groups (NERG)
Research Centers
Information Security Research Center (ISRC)
Khalifa University Center of Excellence in Biotechnology (KUCEB) 
Visual Signal Analysis and Processing Center (VSAP)