Undergraduate Admissions - Requirements

Undergraduate Admissions - Requirements

Undergraduate admission to Khalifa University is highly competitive. In order to be considered for admissions, students must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Applicant should have graduated from High School no later than two years prior to the current year.
  • Hold a UAE Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in Advanced Stream – Ministry of Education or Physics Stream – Abu Dhabi Education Council with a minimum overall achievement of 80%, and a minimum score of 80% in Mathematics or equivalent. Unless you are from one of the following systems:.
    School System KU Admission Criteria
    Advanced Science Placement from ATHS (ASP) Minimum overall achievement of 80% and a minimum of 80% in Mathematics
    ATHS Engineering science cluster:
    -ESG: Engineering Science General
    -ESE: Engineering Science Energy
    Minimum overall achievement of 80% and a minimum of 80% in Mathematics
    ATHS following clusters
    -AEM: Applied Engineering Mechanical
    -AEE: Applied Engineering Electrical
    -ICT: Information and Communication Technology 
    -HST: Health Science and Technology
    Minimum overall achievement of 80% and a minimum of 85% in Mathematics
  • The Undergraduate Admission Criteria for different secondary school certificates are as detailed below:
    • Complete 12 years
    • Minimum GPA 3.0 (or equivalent) on scale of 4
    • Mathematics in 3 of last 3 years, Physics in 2 of last 3 years, and Chemistry in 1 of last 3 years..
    • Minimum score of 80 in Mathematics
    • At least 1 science (Chemistry or Physics) in last year.
    • Total of 8 courses 5 - O level including Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry , 3 - AS/A levels including Mathematics, and (Physics or Chemistry).
    • Minimum grade of C in all courses.
    • IB diploma with minimum score of 4 (out of 7) in all courses.
    • Courses should include Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • For students without the UAE Secondary School Certificate (SSC), the equivalent requirements as approved by the UAE Ministry of Education are applied. (Recognized Secondary School Certificates).
  • There are different forms of acceptance to Khalifa University. Full Admission is for freshmen students that already meet the requirements. Conditional Admission is for freshmen students that do not necessarily meet all the requirements, but are considered to have a strong potential to meet all necessary requirements. An Entry Assessment is required for students prior to acceptance.  Some students might be exempted if they are from any of the listed exempted systems.

Students who do not have proof of the English proficiency are required to take a University administered test of English. In addition, students in all engineering programs must sit for required admission tests in mathematics.

Sample admission tests can be found here.

All exams will be administered in English with the use of an English language dictionary.

In addition, all students must participate in a personal interview conducted by a Khalifa University admissions committee.

During the interview, students will be assessed on:

  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Familiarity with the relevant profession
  • Commitment to pursue a professional degree program
  • Reasons for wanting to attend Khalifa University
  • Potential leadership capabilities in the UAE

All official AP scores should be sent directly to KU registration department by using our college code 7860.

Students from the below listed systems might be exempted from the Entry Assessment :

College Board Advanced Placement (AP)

AP Exam Score
Math: Calculus AB 3
Math Calculus BC with AB sub-score 3
Math: Calculus BC 3
Physics A or B 3
Physics C Mechanics 3
Physics C Electricity, Magnetism 3

International Baccalaureate

HL Exam Score
Mathematics 4
Physics with Magnetism 4

Advance “A” Level GCE (General Certificate of Education)

A-level Exam Grade
Mathematics C
Physics C

Advanced Standing Credit and Credit by Examination Policies and Procedures